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More Residency Weeks Available.The AFA has made a big cut to the funding of the Artist in Schools Residency Program, resulting in a big increase in the number of schools turned down for funding. We are working with schools to find alternate plans, but that has not been possible in all cases. The result - more weeks available for 2015-16 - at discounted prices. Call us for details. See the SCHEDULE for the OPEN WEEKS

The Werklund School of Education at the U of C just released a high level report on research based on Trickster programs. The research project - about Kids Go Global and Socially Empowered Learning - was funded through a generous gift from the Rozsa Foundation. Findings support all three variations of the Trickster Theatre programs as powerful interventions for engaging kids.

The Calgary Board of Education will support a "Community of Practice" in 2015-16 for Kids Go Global and Act2Learn. Eight schools will participate in this year-long project that will look at how to use these Trickster Theatre tools, as well as support from our new FLEX program. CBE specialists will support the work.